A Beckham Bargain?

Freddie Forecourt here and have I got a Bargain For YOU!

Available for Short Term Rental. A Nine Week Lease. 35 years old with good engine although not as powerful as when first on the market it’s not for a lack of effort to get into top gear. 3 or 4 careful owners dependent on how you perceive life in Los Angeles. Last MOT showed a couple of problems with the right wheel however risk can be considered as minimal given its ability to show high levels of performance over both short and longe range. Anyone interested should also be aware that we do expect a large number of offers so the chance to travel across Europe will be looked upon favourably. Offers subject to a slightly angry ginger American saying its OK when really it’s not.

Harry Redknapp hates the term ‘Wheeler Dealer’ and the riches he has spent at Portsmouth and now Spurs suggest he is anything but. However as analogies go it’s not a bad metaphor when looking at the benefits of signing David Beckham. It’s easy to question the logic of dropping the Beckham bomb onto a team in the form that Spurs are in at present. Van Der Vaart, Bale, Modric, Huddlestone and Lennon along with a suporting cast of Palacios, Bentley, Jenas and Krancjar have one of the most exciting midfields in Europe, full of vim, vigour and imagination, what would bringing a 35 year old in the twilight of his career to the club do to benefit the side?

I’ve came up with two reasons:

1. As exciting as Aaron Lennon is to watch, running at pace past defenders, his final ball is more scattergun than the cast of Bugsy Malone. A fact Harry Redknapp is aware of and must be frustrated with. The experience in the position and more importantly quality of delivery that Beckham would provide and also pass on to Lennon could add the potency to the explosiveness that he and fellow winger Gareth Bale have in abundance. Beckham would not demand first team football, he would demand a presence, something some will argue he has earned, and as Spurs embark on their first foray into the Champions League knockout stage his experience may help guide Redknapp’s young side to even greater things.

2. ‘Brand Beckham’ is still big business all over the world. If by his mere presence a few extra bob can be earned and help to heighten Tottenham’s image as a major player in the Premiership then whatever his performance is on the pitch it can be considered a success off of it.

This is all done on the assumption that Tottenham will be his final destination. Maybe the Bollywood revolution at Blackburn may woo David Beckham. Maybe an old pals act at Fulham or Sunderland with his former Manchester United teammates. West Ham and Newcastle always like to throw their name into the ring because it detracts from everything else happening at their respective clubs. Or will all this speculation come to nothing as LA Galaxy General Manager Alexei Lalas forces Beckham to stay and therefore protecting one of his most valuable assets.

One thing can be said: Would anyone other than David Beckham in the modern age cause such a stir at this stage in their career?


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