The LTL Number Crunch: Alfredo Morelos – The Buffalo Soldier

Continuing the catch up exercise.

What do you value at Alfredo Morelos at? Has his continued development helped increase the fee that Rangers can demand for the Colombian international when the time inevitably comes for him to depart Ibrox? Or, will the questions around his temperament  put off potential suitors.

History has shown that what the player does on the pitch is often the deciding factor when to comes to clubs loosening their purse strings so how has Alfredo done in the Scottish Premiership this season. After Matchday 26 Leading the Line looked at the impact El Búfalo has had on Rangers league season to date. Is he more One Man Army than just a Buffalo Soldier?

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 22.59.21

So there you have it. Unbeaten when he scores, all over the shop when he doesn’t. Whatever happens in the summer it’s clear that Morelos has grown into one of the most feared players in Scottish football.

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