A Beckham Bargain?

Freddie Forecourt here and have I got a Bargain For YOU! Available for Short Term Rental. A Nine Week Lease. 35 years … More

Hooliganism & Film: The Dissertation

This is a copy of my Dissertation on ‘The Depiction of English Football Hooliganism within Film and The Press’, It is a labour of Love and covers; A History of Hooliganism, A Critical Analysis of Green Street and The Football Factory and A Review of The Reactions in The Press to Hooliganism. Enjoy!

My Football Club, or Was it Really?

I’m not going to lie the press machine behind the idea had me totally seduced, £35. Bargain. I could be the magician that helps transform a team into Football League stalwarts, me and a group of, what turned out to be 32,000 other magicians. However as I looked at the email asking for me to continue my support, I felt hollow.