LTL Podcast Ep. 3 – Red Wine and Arepas with Jordan Florit

In Episode Three of the Leading the Line Podcast I am joined by Jordan Florit football writer and aspiring author to the book, Red Wine and Arepas: How football is becoming Venezuela’s Religion.

During the interview we talk about what made him decide to focus on the South American contry’s relationship with football, what he has in store for the book and what you could expect if you choose to support the project via Kickstarter (to be honest I’m not sure why you wouldn’t!).

It is clear from speaking to Jordan after just 45 minutes that he is extremely passionate about the project and that the final book will be not only be rich in football content but help to provide a better understanding of a country that is often viewed through a cynical lens.

Links to the podcast can be found below:

iTunes | Soundcloud | + all good podcast sites (turns out Google Podcasts isn’t available yet and Spotify is currently trying to wind me up but I’m working on that.)

If you enjoyed it then please subscribe, leave a review of many stars and tell all your friends. If you would like to join Jordan’s Kickstarter project then you can do so here.

Remember you can follow the latest flights of fancy from Leading the Line on Twitter @MFPTasty.

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