LTL Podcast Ep. 5 – Forgotten Nations with Chris Deeley

In Episode Five of the Leading the Line Podcast I am joined by Chris Deeley football writer for and author to the book, Forgotten Nations: Football in the Shadows.

During the interview we talk about his experiences covering England and USA at this summer’s Women’s World Cup, what made him decide to focus on the nations that make up the wonderful world of CONIFA and some of the stories he discovered along the way.

The interview whilst also giving insight in relation to covering that 13-0 victory for the USA against Thailand this summer also digs deeper into some of the wider questions CONIFA may face as the organisation grows. We cover a lot of ground from Paris to the Pacific and everything in between in an enjoyable 45 minute conversation.

Links to the podcast can be found below:

iTunes | Soundcloud | + all good podcast sites (turns out Google Podcasts isn’t available yet and Spotify is stil trying to wind me up but I’m working on that.)

If you after listening to the interview you would like to buy a copy of the book you can do so here.

Remember you can follow the latest flights of fancy from Leading the Line on Twitter @MFPTasty.

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